Wing Corkscrew Wine Bottle Opener

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Benchusch wing corkscrew wine bottle opener made of zinc alloy unibody with a beautiful, modern and impressive design at first sight. It uses the lever principle to make it easy to manipulate and quickly open the wine bottle cap without using too much force, just a few small steps and the familiar “pop” sound will resound. The Benchusch wine opener will be indispensable for your family’s warm parties.

Designed To Last – Unlike others made using faux metal that soon breaks, Benchusch wine opener has a real zinc alloy body, an A3 steel drill, and an impressively tough TPR shell. More durable and corrosion-resistant.
No Cork Tear – We’ve done a more subtle sharpening of the spiral edges to keep corks from breaking and made the diameter of the screw rod thicker to make it more stressed, with no cork crumbling in your wine.
Easy To Screw – Featured with a big sleek turn handle for easy-to-screw. For women or people with arthritic hands or the elderly, this wine opener will be a great choice.
Open With Comfort – Just pull down the wings and your cork will come out! Sturdy wings with rubber provide ease and comfort for each grip. And the stable rivets ensure the cork is extracted out of the center.
Multiple Uses – The multifunctional wing corkscrew built-in bottle opener is designed for wine, beer, and other bottles with caps or corks to meet all your needs. Ideal for any restaurant, bar, home, for a romantic evening, or just a casual drink.


  • Wing Corkscrew Wine Opener

Step 1. According to the icon to open the grinder.
Step 2. Pour salt/pepper into the container.
Step 3. Adjust the coarseness as your needs.
Step 4. Our push-button is easy to use with a single hand and with a simple press.


Only use the cleaning brush to clean the ceramic grinder.
Keep product away from water, a high humidity environment, or a high temperature.



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