Do you find cooking stressful? Not just stovetop cooking, but other aspects of cooking as well, such as baking, barbecuing, etc.? A lot of individuals around the world find different types of cooking as a pleasurable distraction. So, how then do you perceive cooking tasks?

What is your opinion about cooking?

Although this is a rhetorical question, you should ruminate over it and supply yourself the answer. Is cooking a duty or a chore to you? Do you view cooking as a cumbersome project? Undertaking new projects evoke feelings of excitement and cannot be compared to carrying out detestable tasks. If therefore, cooking seems like a chore to you, then the best question to ask yourself is, ‘Why is this so?’

Here are some of the usual reasons why people dislike embarking on cooking chores:

  1. Insufficient skill
  2. Lack of self-assurance
  3. Tediousness
  4. Displeasure towards the clean-up process after the cooking process.

Each of these excuses can be ironed out if you are prepared to put in an effort.

  1. Insufficient skill – You can correct this if you are willing to do so by enrolling in some cooking classes. There are several classes for cooking that are offered for anyone, whether you are a beginner or a professional. The purpose for which such classes were created is to assist you in developing your cooking skills while teaching you the rudiments of planning and preparing meals. Thus, you can enhance your cooking talents by registering for cooking classes as soon as you can.
  2. Lack of self-assurance – Well, although this is a tough call, you can only build more confidence by throwing one or two dinner parties in which you were solely responsible for the meals that are made available to every guest. You may have to wait albeit nervously until you begin to receive glowing compliments on your culinary skills. This is what will do the magic. But before you reach this stage, there are some things you need to put in place. You need to ensure that your menu is planned properly and also make sure that you do not stray out of your comfort level.
  3. Tediousness – This one is easier to overcome compared to the previous point. All you need to do to chase away this feeling of boredom any time you want to cook is to challenge yourself. Strive to challenge yourself by trying your hands on different cuisines e.g. Indian cuisines or the ones from Thailand. If you come across recipes that seem to be difficult, face it head-on and try to prepare a meal using the supposedly complicated recipe. Cook the meals using basic ingredients instead of using a prepared mix, or you could take a crack at broadening your horizon by the use of seasonings and spices. Doing this will not only enrich your cooking experience, but it will also serve to bring back a certain level of excitement into the kitchen. Who knows, you may even discover some unknown talents in you or end up preparing a different meal with an out of this world taste that could even make you famous!
  4. The process of cleaning up after cooking – Whether you like it or not, you will have to tidy up your kitchen after cooking your meals. The best ways to go about this is to either strike a deal with your cooking partner or enlist the help of your children. If you feel these two options are not feasible, then why not try cleaning up even while you are still cooking the food. When you do this, you will find that you don’t have much to do when it comes to cleaning up at the end of your cooking project.

The best way to cook is to cook for pleasure, and if you have been facing any difficulties when undertaking cooking projects, these tips or nuggets outlined above will help to bring back the entertainment and enjoyment into your kitchen. Nobody says playing music while cooking is prohibited; therefore power on your home theater and play Italian music to that Italian delicacy you are cooking! Cooking should be fun, so make it worthwhile!