What happens in the kitchen is less harmless than it seems – says a gourmet observer of the everyday mysteries in his essay. Cooking is a language of love by default. Like the bed, the table creates the couple, which is built by the making of a common culture, through innumerable passes of daily weapons in the kitchen. The mayonnaise takes more or less well. Because day after day, the desire to make couple huddle on the other’s food mania and his table manners.

The bottom line is that food is primarily a love story. The one who prepares it is the one who gives love to the nest. With all the power and control it gives him. Hence the territorial conflicts. For some new fathers, taking control of the kitchen is a real revenge, a way to recover the reins of the home.

In the course of compromises and concessions torn from each other, the kitchen casting becomes precise. To the one the role of the chief, to the other (more or less willing) that of second knife (or kitchen clerk) ready to defend what remains of territory by playing inspectors of finished work. But the distribution of roles can move.

The major teaching: if you want to make love rhyme with always, cook together! Indeed, to make two would be one of the secrets of couples that last. Those who share at least three meals a week are more likely to stay together than those who rarely meet around a meal.

For more than 8 couples out of 10, food is rarely a subject of conflict. Better, after a dispute, one does not reconcile not only on the pillow but making good cheer. To make peace, 33% of couples go behind the stoves, 12% go to the restaurant. Before going to the pan?

Seven Reasons to Cook As a couple

  • Cooking together is fun and therapeutic

Kitchen have a therapeutic effect. No matter if you are a starred chef or a resourceful cook, being in the kitchen calms you. You use your hands to do something useful, and you are creative. Also, people consider that cooking a delicious dish and is more satisfying than sex, and nearly a quarter of these people cook to seduce a partner. So cooking with your partner is all the better!

  • Someone who knows how to cook is basically sexier

It’s no secret that someone who knows how to cook automatically becomes a lot sexier than someone who has never used a saucepan. Couples who cook together stay together, it is undeniable. When you ask someone the top five qualities you would like to find at their ideal partner, cooking is a priority. Someone who knows how to use his hands in the kitchen knows how to use it in the bed.

  • Couples who cook together make love more

Couples who share household chores, including cooking, make more love. Sex is an essential component of a healthy and lasting relationship. If you want to ensure a fulfilling sexual life, start by heating yourself by cooking.

  • Cooking saves you money

This is an element to be taken into account. Cooking saves you money. Going to the grocery store to buy the ingredients you need (if possible, to make a couple as well) will make you spend less money than if you spend every night at the fast food corner. Moreover, this money saved can obviously allow your couple to spend it in other activities like traveling. Your couple will only be more solidified and will last longer.

  • Cooking together for better communication

One of the essential ingredients for a good couple relationship is communication. You need to talk to each other, face-to-face, to strengthen your attachment, in order to solve your possible problems. It turns out that the kitchen is an ideal space creating just this opportunity to communicate with your spouse. Each has its own tasks to perform. When one is chopping the vegetables, the other prepares the sauce, the common activity then allows a better atmosphere of communication.

  • Cooking is no longer perceived as a chore, when it is done at two

When one lives alone, cooking is more of a chore than anything else. But when you do it together, it really becomes a pleasant activity.

  • Cooking is like foreplay

As mentioned earlier, someone who knows how to cook naturally becomes sexier. So when you cook for two, it gets even more exciting. Seeing her partner behind the stoves greatly increases the desire to make love with him or her. Indeed, someone who cooks for you, it shows that this person holds to you, which makes beating your artichoke heart. Moreover, some couples would liked to cook naked (with an apron nevertheless, hygiene obligatory).

Lovely couple slicing pepper